Unlock Your Creativity with Premium Paint Pens

Creativity is a joy. When you are creative and always ready to try something new, you just need a blank surface and an acrylic pen in your hand to create a perfect origami. With the time and addition of technology in our lives, we have forgotten how we used to live were when we drew things with our hands. Most of us still remember our first drawing or the things or places we loved to draw at. But nowadays, we have phones, gadgets, and ipads and we can draw anything on them. But ask your heart, are you contended with drawing things on ipads and tablets? Or do you find your children enjoying their drawings as much as you did? Most of us will say NO!!!

PINTASA feels that people and children are spending more time on gadgets than the activities in a daily routine that can help them to enhance their creativity. Thus PINTASA, the acrylic paint pens are introduced for enhancing your creativity and making your drawing and designing experience pleasant with remarkable features.

What are PINTASA acrylic pens?

PINTASA acrylic paint pens are color pens specially designed to write, design, and work on different surfaces. This includes Fabric painting, Canvas painting, Leather painting, Concrete painting, Stone paint, Plastic painting, Wood painting, Metal painting, Glass painting, Paper painting, and much more.

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Features of Pintasa Paint Pens

  • Colors

PINTASA knows the creative people love to play with colors. Thus they have introduced acrylic pens into 18 different colors.

  • Paint pen tip

Unlike others, the tip of PINTASA does not come in a single size of the tip, but it comes in different sizes of tips ranging from 2 to 5 mm. Thus you can choose the size to use according to your requirements and design. The tips are perfectly designed for larger details, semi bold, and medium weight lines.

  • Reversible tip

The tip of PINTASA is reversible i.e., one side of the tip is chisel and the other side is a bullet design.

  • Safe Ink

The in used in these paint pen is 100 % safe to use. The ink is odorless and is completely non-toxic. The ink is not alcohol-based but it will not bleed on the surface, unlike other pens.

  • Water-resistant

Most of the glass painting pens and other surface painting pens are not water-resistant. Once you wash the surface the color fades away. PINTASA is 100 percent water-resistant as promised. You wash the surface once or as many times as you want the color will never fade or you won’t face any abrasion. The paint pens are permanent pens.

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While making some creativity or painting on some surface there is always an image and an idea in your mind moving along with your hands. And while painting if all of a sudden you face issues like, the pen goes dry, the tip not working properly or the odor of the ink making you feel sick? Or while making a design all of the sudden a thought hits you mid that this will fade away?

Yes, we know this irritates the artist inside you. Thus we have designed PINTASA according to the need of our creative customers.

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